[FX.php List] Drop-down stopped working

Tim 'Webko' Booth tim at nicheit.com.au
Thu Dec 29 15:10:42 MST 2011

Dear All,
> Did you put that errorCode line in there? What is it telling you?
> That's where you need to start… otherwise you could search forever  
> and it turns out to be a simple error…
> What's the errorCode?

Trish sent me the files back channel - there's something funky going  
on. I'm getting the "Mismatched tag at line X" error - which is  
usually something in high ASCII stuffing up the XML. So I grabbed the  
base query URL and ran it directly:

Which then causes a download of an .exe file (so not a wonder FX.php  
is not liking the data format). I've never seen this happen before, so  
I suspect it's a Server thing...
Other people's thoughts?
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