[FX.php List] Drop-down stopped working

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Did you put that errorCode line in there? What is it telling you?

That's where you need to start… otherwise you could search forever and it turns out to be a simple error…

What's the errorCode?

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On Dec 29, 2011, at 4:02 PM, VanBuskirk, Patricia wrote:

> Trying ... nothing seems to do it.  Another form that uses the same drop-down with the same settings is doing the same thing. Wondering, since it worked before the switchover, if it is a setting somewhere on the new server.  I copied the php.ini over from the old server, so that shouldn't have changed.  Could it be a permissions issue on the server?  I think I wouldn't be able to see the form at all if it were that though.
> ~ Trish
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>> Also, since they're the same as what fileMaker uses, you can find the 
>> list in the Help docs that are in FileMaker.
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