[FX.php List] Solution to strange problem with client's new server install

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Thu Mar 18 15:26:01 MDT 2010

My client emailed me with a resolution to her problem; a quick recap:

she had FMSA 8 running with Tiger Server; she bought Leopard Server and decided to finally install FMSA 9 with it, and our existing web app wouldn't run properly anymore.

She finally called FM tech support, and they told her that Leopard Server installs PHP 5.2.5, and FM 9 Server is compatible with PHP 4.3. So she's disabled the install and is going to put 4.3 on there, and that will hopefully fix her problem.

Thought others might find this useful; I didn't know there was any compatibility issue there...


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