[FX.php List] Solution to strange problem with client's new server install

Tim 'Webko' Booth tim at nicheit.com.au
Thu Mar 18 15:34:50 MDT 2010

On 19/03/2010, at 8:26 AM, Bob Patin wrote:

> My client emailed me with a resolution to her problem; a quick recap:
> she had FMSA 8 running with Tiger Server; she bought Leopard Server  
> and decided to finally install FMSA 9 with it, and our existing web  
> app wouldn't run properly anymore.
> She finally called FM tech support, and they told her that Leopard  
> Server installs PHP 5.2.5, and FM 9 Server is compatible with PHP  
> 4.3. So she's disabled the install and is going to put 4.3 on there,  
> and that will hopefully fix her problem.
> Thought others might find this useful; I didn't know there was any  
> compatibility issue there...

There's a few things that aren't backwards compatible between 4 and 5  
- biggy is probably includes and how they're handled:




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