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Hi Steve,

you did not get a reply to this -

Not sure if you want to use mine: I found this some years ago on the  
internet and did give it to one person for a laugh :-

License Agreement

This is where the license agreement is supposed to go explaining that  
this Filemaker / php solution is for use by a single company, and  
sternly warning you not to pirate copies of it and explaining, in  
detail, the gory consequences if you do.

We know that you are an honest person, and are not going to go around  
pirating copies of this Filemaker / php solution; this is just as  
well with us since we worked hard to perfect it and selling copies of  
it is our only
method of making anything out of all the hard work.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those few people who do go  
around pirating copies of software you probably aren't going to pay  
much attention to a license agreement anyway. Just keep your doors  
locked at night.

Intellectual property

I had to do a lot of reverse engineering in order to even get this  
Filemaker / php solution working - therefore, until payment in full  
has been made, plus extras, it belongs to me.


We don't claim that this Filemaker / php solution is good for  
anything -- if you think it is, great, but it's up to you to decide.   
If this Filemaker / php solution doesn't work: tough.  If you lose a  
million because
this Filemaker / php solution messes up, it's you that's out the  
million, not us.  If you don't like this disclaimer: tough.  We  
reserve the right to do the absolute minimum provided by law, up to  
and including nothing.

This is basically the same disclaimer that comes with all software  
packages, but ours is in plain English and theirs is in legal jargon,  
written by people called lawyers.

We didn't really want to include any disclaimer at all, but our  
lawyers insisted.  We tried to ignore them but they threatened us  
with the night time visits (see license agreement above) at which  
point we relented.

Kind regards


On 18 Mar 2010, at 19:34, Steve Winter wrote:

> Howdy,
> Usually I've found in the past when clients want to have a contract  
> between us, that they already have something in place, and that  
> usually it's 200 pages long, and a pain in the $%^& to deal with...
> I this instance however I have a new client who is asking me to  
> provide a contract... does anyone have a relatively simple,  
> relatively straight forward 'standard' contract which they use for  
> FMP/PHP development work which they would be willing to share...??
> Cheers
> Steve
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