[FX.php List] Server Migration - Theory vs Real Life

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
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The only problem that I've experienced had to do with short open tags in PHP, but there are some other things I'd check before I moved a PHP site:

1. (a fundamental one) Does the Web Publ. Engine actually work? Has a test been run?
2. (coincidental with that) Are the necessary ports open on both machines?
3. Has the database server's schedules been set up? It's easy to forget to do that on a new install...
4. Has the PHP code been checked and all short open tags been replaced with full tags?
5. Does the site use anything that has been installed on the old server that is server-specific?

Other than that, I can't think of any other elements to beware of; I've moved PHP sites quite a few times among my servers, but in my case, all of my web and database servers are configured the same except for IP addresses--same PHP versions, same FMS version, same OS X Server versions--so that makes it much easier.


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On Jan 24, 2010, at 1:08 PM, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:

> 24 jan 2010 kl. 19.58 skrev Jonathan Schwartz:
>> At 7:43 PM +0100 1/24/10, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:
>>> What problems occurred with that unexpectedly moved solution last week?
>> Just what I mentioned....the expected fallout from short tags, unwanted "Notice' messages that look far worse than they really are.
>> My real question is regarding "expectations".  Should one expect that a solution can be moved and NOT have to be tweaked at all (assuming that it was not specifically designed for portability)?  I already know the reality (tweaks are needed).
> Yeah.. Well I think you're right; One cannot expect 100% success without checking a few basic things. Simple because then one don't know even the most basic things about the target environment, and PHP isn't such a transparent language.
> Regarding those errors you were experiencing, if the code would've been written in a stricter manner, they wouldn't have been there. Short tags are ancient/not to be used in PHP, and those "harmless" notices shouldn't be there either; They mean that the code doesn't follow PHP syntax as it should. There's really no reasoning for that other than ignorance, at least in my opinion.
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