[FX.php List] Server Migration - Theory vs Real Life

Leo R. Lundgren leo at finalresort.org
Sun Jan 24 12:08:00 MST 2010

24 jan 2010 kl. 19.58 skrev Jonathan Schwartz:

> At 7:43 PM +0100 1/24/10, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:
>> What problems occurred with that unexpectedly moved solution last  
>> week?
> Just what I mentioned....the expected fallout from short tags,  
> unwanted "Notice' messages that look far worse than they really are.
> My real question is regarding "expectations".  Should one expect  
> that a solution can be moved and NOT have to be tweaked at all  
> (assuming that it was not specifically designed for portability)?  I  
> already know the reality (tweaks are needed).

Yeah.. Well I think you're right; One cannot expect 100% success  
without checking a few basic things. Simple because then one don't  
know even the most basic things about the target environment, and PHP  
isn't such a transparent language.

Regarding those errors you were experiencing, if the code would've  
been written in a stricter manner, they wouldn't have been there.  
Short tags are ancient/not to be used in PHP, and those "harmless"  
notices shouldn't be there either; They mean that the code doesn't  
follow PHP syntax as it should. There's really no reasoning for that  
other than ignorance, at least in my opinion.


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