[FX.php List] Server Migration - Theory vs Real Life

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Sun Jan 24 11:58:46 MST 2010

At 7:43 PM +0100 1/24/10, Leo R. Lundgren wrote:
>It shouldn't be that much of a problem presuming the PHP application 
>itself is well coded. Usually most of the issues are warnings and 
>errors popping up on the new host because of different PHP settings, 
>and in cases where the new host have stricter settings bad coding 
>tend to surface.
>Other things that might differ are which extensions are available 
>all in all on the new host, maybe there's some extension missing 
>that the old host has and the code uses.
>I've encountered a problem with some PHP code that used crypt() 
>which when moved to a new platform and OS changed in the way it 
>worked (because crypt() at that time used the system implementation 
>-- Since PHP 5.3 it uses its own implementation so this shouldn't be 
>a problem).
>I guess another problem could be if your application relies on being 
>run under its own user instead of under mod_php/the web server's 
>user, and that doesn't happen in the new host. But that's one of the 
>things you check before migrating.
>But in general; If you make sure that:
>	1) The code in the application is well written,
>	2) All extensions used in the application are available on 
>the new host,
>	3) The usual and any PHP settings that the application relies 
>on are the same on the old and new host,
>.. then I think you'll be pretty well off and only minor tweaks 
>should be needed :) Use phpinfo() to check the two environments!
>What problems occurred with that unexpectedly moved solution last week?

Just what I mentioned....the expected fallout from short tags, 
unwanted "Notice' messages that look far worse than they really are.

My real question is regarding "expectations".  Should one expect that 
a solution can be moved and NOT have to be tweaked at all (assuming 
that it was not specifically designed for portability)?  I already 
know the reality (tweaks are needed).



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