[FX.php List] Server Migration - Theory vs Real Life

Jon & Jane Montgomery vicepresident at comcast.net
Sun Jan 24 12:19:14 MST 2010

I just this month moved PHP and FileMaker to a new host.  PHP pages were on
a major hosting company and FileMaker files were on a server in my office
and moved them to a FileMaker specialist, Longterm Solutions,  and it was
quite painless.  No problems at all and easy for me to make those changes.

I do not think I write that good code, but it all worked fine with no
tweaking.  Bob Patin and his company are very good and very helpful to me.

That has been my experience.  And I was not trying to make this a commercial
for Bob, as there are several very good hosting companies who add to the
this list, but Bob is a musician and seems to understand how other musicians
think, especially bass players :)

(I am all ears when I read on this list, you are all so smart on this stuff,
I all ways learn from reading your posts, even when I do not fully
understand what you are saying.  Thanks All!)


Jon Montgomery

On 1/24/10 12:30 PM, "Jonathan Schwartz" <jschwartz at exit445.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> A question...
> What should the expectations be when a web/php solution (php
> files...not db files) moves to different web server at a different
> physical location?  Should it be expected that the solution work
> without issue, or, are tweaks part of the expected process?
> (A client unexpectedly moved a solution last week, and there are
> issues that appear major but are probably minor...tied to PHP
> version, older short tags, error reporting settings, etc).
> Just curious what your experiences have been.
> Thanks
> Jonathan

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