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At first glance I'm wondering about the way you've got your URL  
constructed; when I display images on the web, I prefer to mix my PHP  
rather than writing all the HTML inside PHP, but that's just me;  
here's how my code would look:


// some sort of query up here that retrieves the graphic's name or URL

$my_image = "image.gif";


... in the HTML of the page:

<img src = "images/<?php echo $my_image; ?>">

If you're pulling up images of varying sizes, you can leave the  
dimensions out, which will allow the page to show the image with  
whatever its demensions are; if you want all of them to show up with  
the same width, you can specify just a width parameter, like this:

<img src = "images/<?php echo $my_image; ?>" width="125">

More than you asked, probably things you already knew, but just in  
case... :)


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On Nov 1, 2008, at 5:01 AM, Thomas Neumann wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm facing the following problem
> I try to display images from a database in a webpage using FX.
> When I just use img src= \" $data["picture] \" then it works (after  
> a request for the password) on my development pc, where FMServer and  
> the webserver run on the same machine. But when I put it on the  
> server (filemakerserver and webserver on different machines) then it  
> does not work (it even did not ask for the password).
> I tried the image_prox.php from the FX demo, but could not get it  
> working in any configuration.
> Any hints or clues?
> Tomy
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