[FX.php List] Problem accessing image through image_proxy.php( FX.PHP)

Debabrata Pati pati.debabrata at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 08:38:48 MDT 2005

 i am facing problem when i access images in FileMaker Sever Advaned
 i am accessing the image through image_proxy.php a part of FX.PHP
 The problem is it shows the image of the first record and then
repeats first image for every record here after.
 But sometimes shows correct result but sometimes not.
  The code is like:

$fxob=new FX(' <>',80,'FMPro7','HTTP');


foreach($reData['data'] as $val){

 echo '<img src="'.$temp.'"><br>';

  Please Help regarding this problem.
 Any other way available for accessing image from FileMaker......Pls reply.
 Software Specifications:
FileMaker Server 7 Advanced/PHP 4.3.3/FX.php 4.0
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