[FX.php List] did Filemaker through PHP without FMServer come out?

John May jmaymailing at pointinspace.com
Wed May 25 15:09:34 MDT 2005

Anytime!  We try to remain as active as possible in the numerous 
listservs that support the products we offer hosting on, to stay 
up-to-the-minute on new features, bugs, etc.

	- John

>I'm glad you mentioned your company, John. I hadn't realized the 
>variety of plans you offer. Your service may actually be better than 
>the company I had intended to use for these clients.  It's nice to 
>see the company owner participates in these sorts of forums.
>I need some time to work up  my plan, since it just hatched in my 
>feverishly overworked little brain a few hours ago, but within a 
>month I'll be ready to start up the account. Most likely splitting 
>the account that allows 4 databases among 3 of my clients that could 
>use a db driven site redesign (leaving me one spare db ... guess I 
>need one more client).
>Thank you.


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