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I like the list just as it is now, so that would be my vote. :)

It’s still my go-to place for anything web-publishing-related.

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> On Jul 21, 2016, at 8:20 AM, Chris Hansen <chris at iViking.org> wrote:
> Hey Folks,
> In the near future I am going to be moving to a new server.  And as long as I'm moving, I thought it might make sense to consider different options for the list.  Of course, even on a new server I can leave the list "as is", but as there's not a lot of traffic, and most people here are likely on other FM-related web lists, I thought it a good topic for discussion.  So here are the options that I've considered so far; let me know if you think of others:
> 1) Leave the list "as is" on the new server.
> 2) Switch the forum to something like Google groups (either email or discussion group based).
> 3) Shut down the list and ask people to migrate to another list (I would come, of course, but we might lose some people.)
> There are variations on the above (e.g. Google isn't the only provider of group/list services) but I think that covers the main options.
> What does everyone think?  What would you all prefer?  Again, I don't mind leaving things as they are, but with a server migration, I thought it made sense to take advantage of the situation if there is something that people like better.
> Thanks for making this such a great community!
> Best,
> --Chris Hansen
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