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Leo R. Lundgren leo at
Thu Jul 21 07:27:29 MDT 2016


I think you should leave it as it is on the new server. Why change something that works :) And i dont see a point in making a new list.

‎I would strongly vote against using third parties or services like Googles. It requires people to register with parties they might not like to register with. 

Keep it simple. Good old email is simple and meets the needs.

Regards, Leo

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Ämne: [FX.php List] Server Move & List Housekeeping

Hey Folks,

In the near future I am going to be moving to a new server. And as long as I'm moving, I thought it might make sense to consider different options for the list. Of course, even on a new server I can leave the list "as is", but as there's not a lot of traffic, and most people here are likely on other FM-related web lists, I thought it a good topic for discussion. So here are the options that I've considered so far; let me know if you think of others:

1) Leave the list "as is" on the new server.

2) Switch the forum to something like Google groups (either email or discussion group based).

3) Shut down the list and ask people to migrate to another list (I would come, of course, but we might lose some people.)

There are variations on the above (e.g. Google isn't the only provider of group/list services) but I think that covers the main options.

What does everyone think? What would you all prefer? Again, I don't mind leaving things as they are, but with a server migration, I thought it made sense to take advantage of the situation if there is something that people like better.

Thanks for making this such a great community!


--Chris Hansen
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