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Malcolm - thank you!

> On Nov 10, 2015, at 3:27 PM, Malcolm Fitzgerald <malcolm at notyourhomework.net> wrote:
> Previously, it was possible to run FMS beside other services without conflict. Now it matters: FileMaker has claimed the webserver and ports 80 and 443. Of course, it affects the machine running WPE. 
> For running web pages along with FMS
> a. You can run another instance of Apache, provided it uses ports other than 80 and 443. 

This seems like a non-starter without some trickery somewhere to change requests on Port 80 for domain xxxxx to be handled as requests on Port  8080 (for example) for domain xxxxx

> b. You can move everything into the FileMaker web directory.

If I do that, is there a way to have virtual hosts set up so that all of my domains/sub-domains still all work as expected.

> c. Set up a virtual machine running BSD or Linux for your web services. 

Another level of complication for a lowly volunteer for a genealogical society with a bunch of databases totalling 2.7 million records online from 2 Mac minis in his basement to try and wrap his head around.

Here’s a simplified example of my situation. 

I have a two machine FileMaker setup

Mac mini Apache is set up with PHP, MySQL and Apache all running under regular Mac OS X 10.9 This has the FileMaker WPE installed on it

Mac mini FileMaker also running Mac OS X 10.9  is set up with FileMaker Server 12 and holds all the FileMaker databases.

Our genealogy society has a Volume License Agreement with FileMaker, but I don’t always upgrade for every version - I’m on Server 12 now, having moved there from Server 10 and to there from Server 8. An upgrade usually involved lots of homework, then taking both machines off-line - routing all requests for everything to another Macintosh that simply displays a “sorry we’re down - I’m upgrading” page for hopefully the few hours it takes to achieve the upgrade. I don’t have enough resources to build the new setup in parallel and then switch to it when it’s running.

I have a single IP number and the routing takes place in an AirPort Extreme base station - most requests are sent to Mac mini Apache (web, FTP etc) while FileMaker type requests (Server Admin on port 16000, FileMaker requests on 5003 and whatever other ports are involved) are sent to Mac mini FileMaker based on the Port being requested.

Two of the domains I host are LisaAndRoger.com and data.wmgs.org

LisaAndRoger.com is a WordPress install. It is run entirely from Mac mini Apache and has no interaction with Mac mini FileMaker

data.wmgs.org is a site with a number of FileMaker databases. It’s run from Mac mini Apache with the WPE calling Mac mini FileMaker for all the database queries

If I move to FileMaker Server 14 I would expect to keep this same setup in terms of the two Mac minis, and from your b above it seems like it ought to continue if instead of using "/Library/Web Server/Documents" for all of the domains and sub-domains I use the FileMaker Web Directory - assuming that there’s a way there to separate out all the different domains and sub-domains using httpd-vhosts.conf on the FileMaker instance of Apache as I currently have setup in “etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf”.

Much of my difficulty with this is that I am trying to visualise this without the ability to try it out - the two machines I have available to try out FileMaker Server 14 are now running Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and this page


would seem to indicate that FileMaker Server 14 doesn’t work with El Capitan, and this page


indicates there will be an update in November.

Thanks for your time to try and help me understand this.

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