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Malcolm Fitzgerald malcolm at notyourhomework.net
Tue Nov 10 13:27:26 MST 2015

On 10/11/2015 9:20 am, Roger Moffat wrote:
> Is there an httpd.conf file that controls that Apache so that things 
> like Virtual Hosts can be setup as is currently the case in the Mac OS 
> X Apache server?
> Currently I run a 2 machine setup with Apache on one and FileMaker 
> Server 12 on the other. They’re both Mac minis running Mac OS X 10.9
> The Apache is dealing with over 30 virtual hosts, and 4 of them 
> interact with FileMaker Server on the other machine.
> I’m still on Server 12 (even though with our subscription I have 
> access to Server 13 and now Server 14) for fear of things breaking, 
> and this seems way more likely to break things than anything else I’ve 
> heard about?
> Is it now recommended/compulsory that it be a single machine setup?

It is not necessary to be a single machine setup.  I use single machine 
setup for development and a two machine setup for production.

Previously, it was possible to run FMS beside other services without 
conflict. Now it matters: FileMaker has claimed the webserver and ports 
80 and 443. Of course, it affects the machine running WPE.

For running web pages along with FMS
a. You can run another instance of Apache, provided it uses ports other 
than 80 and 443.
b. You can move everything into the FileMaker web directory.
c. Set up a virtual machine running BSD or Linux for your web services.

I do both B and C. On my devbox I use vagrant to manage projects. On the 
production box the VMs are always alive

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