[FX.php List] Need help to figure out any FX.php or FMSA pitfalls upgrading from FMSA 9 to FMSA 12

Jon Montgomery fxphp at igsmasouth.org
Wed Nov 4 06:20:08 MST 2015


I am in the middle of my conversion to FMSA 14 / OS X 10.9.  It could be there are other pitfalls that I will find along the way, but here is what i have leaned just from reading all the posts on this list (you can go look at all of them as a problem you run into probably has already been solved in the past years since the move to the newer fmp12 format).

YES, upgrade to the NEWEST version of FX.PHP!  Benefits to upgrading to FX.PHP v6, it works with FMPro12 files.

Leave $dataSourceType set to ‘FMPro7’

If you have portal rows on a layout, you will encounter some problems, however, there is a work around and it involves changing the $dataSourceType to ‘fmalt’ (I think I spelled it correctly but now sure) that is why when I rebuilt my database in .fmp12, I am avoiding portals on the web layouts.

I am sure there is more but those seem to be the major things to look at.


Jon Montgomery
Illinois Grade School Music Association - Southern Division

On Nov 4, 2015, at 5:04 AM, Lars Luciano Arler <lars.arler at mediadesign.dk> wrote:

> Hey and thanks in advance.
> I have been running FMSA 9 for years and have to move a site to FMSA 12.06.600 / OS X 10.9.5
> Any pitfalls FX.php vice to consider ??
> I have just converted the DB to FM12
> In FX_4.0 “server_data.php” - $dataSourceType = 'FMPro7’; change to 'FMPro12’;
> Should I stay with FX_4.0 or upgrade FX_6.x straight away or wait until everything works as before ??
> Any benefits with upgrading to FX_6.x
> Any advice or guides to info is greatly appreciated.
> Regards 
> Lars Luciano Arler
> Copenhagen - Denmark
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