[FX.php List] Need help to figure out any FX.php or FMSA pitfalls upgrading from FMSA 9 to FMSA 12

Lars Luciano Arler lars.arler at mediadesign.dk
Wed Nov 4 04:04:33 MST 2015

Hey and thanks in advance.

I have been running FMSA 9 for years and have to move a site to FMSA 12.06.600 / OS X 10.9.5

Any pitfalls FX.php vice to consider ??

I have just converted the DB to FM12
In FX_4.0 “server_data.php” - $dataSourceType = 'FMPro7’; change to 'FMPro12’;

Should I stay with FX_4.0 or upgrade FX_6.x straight away or wait until everything works as before ??
Any benefits with upgrading to FX_6.x

Any advice or guides to info is greatly appreciated.

Lars Luciano Arler

Copenhagen - Denmark
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