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Well, here’s the thing: OS X Server & FM Server don’t play well for web publishing. Starting with FMS 13, I moved to a hybrid setup like this:

FM Server
Web Publishing Engine

web server

FX server data points to machine 1

Not a 2-machine install because the WPE is on machine 1, but this way I can use the same web server for multiple FMS machines.

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> On Jun 17, 2015, at 11:20 AM, Dale Bengston <dale.bengston at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the things to check. I’m using FX.php v6.0. That’s the latest production release, I think?
> The database is named exactly as it is for the production server. I've never used extensions in my server_data, so that’s not it either.
> Also, I should mention that client-server is working, so I can verify the databases are active and editable, and permissions are set right, and the server is actually serving FileMaker goodness.
> I seem to remember some issues with a one-machine install for web? Is this a problem? I can’t say I’m really happy about FMS13 insisting on taking over port 80. The more complex FMS installs get over time, the more I lose interest in the platform.
> Thanks,
> Dale

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