[FX.php List] Simple JQuery question (I hope)

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Fri Nov 7 08:21:01 MST 2014

I have a POST form; when a user clicks the SUBMIT button, I want to replace the SUBMIT button with a spinning gear, so that users don’t click the button twice.

I’ve written this:

	 $('.submitter').html('<div align="center"><img src="images/ajax-loader_large.gif"></div>');

which works, but the form doesn’t submit; this seems to intercept the POST. 

I tried adding this 

$.post(‘card.php’) <—— card.php is the name of this form page

but it doesn’t make any difference.

Here is my question: how can I put the image into the DIV (which I’m doing above) and at the same time let the POST occur?


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