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Fitzgerald, Theodore C ted-fitzgerald at uiowa.edu
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In my experience, when I run a script from FX it has always only ran against the Found Set.  You can also pass script parameters to scripts like so:

$request->AddDBParam('-script.param', $InUseBy);

and then do a find in your script on FileMaker.  Although since you only have one find criteria, I'm not sure why you would do this in your situation...just something for the future perhaps!

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I have a script that runs from the windows command line of a client, it inserts data and processes the data to turn it into a job.
Now my client wants a few PC to be able to run it but in initial tests, the scripts are stepping on each other and the Jobs are a mixture of data from multiple sources.
Does anyone know if when I call a FileMaker script with FX, it will run on only the found set.?
If so, I would do it flag records by a PC identifier and find them while running the script.

Sample code:
$request = new FX($ServerIP, $Port,$dataSourceType );
$request->SetDBData($fmdb,$Layout, $Group);
$request->SetDBUserPass($fmAccount, $fmPass);
$request->AddDBParam( 'InUseBy', $InUseBy );   //$InUseBy = PC1..PC2..PC3 etc
$request->AddDBParam('-script', 'FMScriptToRun' );

I will be testing this onsite but I thought some input is always helpful.

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