[FX.php List] [OFF] Multiple Servers [WAS FMS13 & SSL?]

Joel Shapiro mail at jsfmp.com
Thu Jul 17 21:20:28 MDT 2014

(Thought it appropriate to change the subject.)

Thanks everybody for your comments.  Interesting, no?

For my part, my sites have almost always been just FM (no MySQL, etc.).  I've had clients on both 1- & 2-machine configs, with no noticeable difference.  The current client that led to this initial post has had 2-machine "FM" configs since long before I started working with them.  When they decided they were ready for FM13, they automatically allocated two VMs for the purpose, and I figured we might as well use them.  We're planning to bring their old FM10 & FM11 CWP solutions onto here as well, which would be still more traffic.  Maybe I was naive to think FMI's suggestion would lead to better performance.  There is also, though, the possiblity they may some day use a bit of WebDirect, so keeping with the FM/WPE web server _seemed_ like the right choice.

(Am I the only person here putting the WPE onto the web server?)

I will say, though, that I never understood why FMI never mentions the non-FM web server in their "deployment alternatives", since (a) it's easier & (b) could allow *more* use of FM/CWP by letting people know they can have their FM-served data on their existing website/webhost.


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