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Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Thu Jul 17 08:02:42 MDT 2014

We started with CDML, where you *had to* use FileMaker Server and then one or more slaves running FM Pro Unlimited; the web server was yet another machine, so back in those days a web app would involve 5 machines in our network (1 FM Server, 1 web server, 3 FM Pro Unlimited machines).

Then when we started hosting PHP sites, we used 2-machine configs all the time; at some point I started trying out single-machine configs, and found it to work really well for lots of cases. 

Now, with FMS 13 and its unwillingness to play well with OS X Server, I’ve set up some FMS 13 servers as single-machine installs with lots of RAM, and then have a web server that I use to point to whichever FMS 13 server it needs. The benefit of this setup is that if there should be a failure on the FMS 13 machine, I could put the database up on another machine, change the IP address in my web app, and be back in business in 2 minutes.

I agree with Bev’s comment about single point of failure; having maintained a network now for about 16 years, I much prefer dealing with a single machine than with pairs. My latest thought on this is to spread clients out among lots of machines, rather than using 2-machine configs; if a client’s web app is doing tons of traffic, I try to put him on a site with web apps that have scant traffic, to balance things out. Fortunately these days, we have huge bandwidth so the issue now comes down to the machines themselves.

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