[FX.php List] PCI Compliance for FMS and OS X Server

Malcolm Fitzgerald malcolm at notyourhomework.net
Tue Jun 25 18:05:44 MDT 2013

Consider setting up a test machine which you can experiment with before you do anything too daring :-) Then look at the MacPorts project. It will provide you with more up-to-date versions of those programs. Once you've installed them you'll need to take stop WPE and reconfigure it to use your new software.


On 26/06/2013, at 5:37 AM, Jonathan Schwartz wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I'm back to asking this same question again because it keeps on rearing it's ugly head...
> Has anyone passed a PCI Compliance scan (for credit card security) using FIleMaker Server 11 or 12 under OS X Server?
> I am running OS X Server  (10.6.8) on a machine with the latest version of  FMS 11. It fails due to old OPENSSL, Apache and TomCat. It looks like I would need to stop using the built in version oh HP for FMP Web Publishing and attempt to update the offending modules. Not fun.
> It might be easier to migrate to a current OS X server and FileMaker 12, but I need to be sure that this is a guarantee of PCI Compliance.  For the sake of argument, assume that the php code itself is 100% compliant.  I'm just asking about the server environment.
> For reference, the PCI scan I'm referring to is from trustwave. Passing the scan is required in order for the client to maintain their credit card Gateway.
> Thanks
> Jonathan 
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