[FX.php List] Works in FX.php v4.2, breaks in v6

LELAND LONG lelandlong at me.com
Thu Dec 19 10:32:57 MST 2013

Dale, it does help thank you.

According to the documentation included with the current FX.php v6 build, FXDataFormat.pdf, page 1:
   "Conventions used:
   + $ReturnedData is used to signify the array containing the data returned by a query...."

and page 3:
   "echo $ReturnedData['errorCode']; ...."

So, am I to assume that this documentation is now depreciated and no longer applies? Oversight perhaps? Newer documentation available?

Leland Long

On Dec 19, 2013, at 11:33 AM, fx.php_list-request at mail.iviking.org wrote:

> Aha! Yes, the result of a failed query is a PHP object, not an array. So you’ll need to trap whether $newSheetResult is an object or not before you try to reference its contents. I do this be evaluating my result:
> if (is_object($newSheetResult))
> 	{
> 	// There is an error; proceed accordingly.
> 	}
> else
> 	{
> 	//The query produced results; proceed accordingly.
> 	}
> I believe in the case that $newSheetResult is an error, the error code can be referenced like this:
> $newSheetResult->code
> Hope this helps,
> Dale

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