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> I use a "pre-order" table to save these kinds of values. Move to "orders" when cc is valid, delete if not. If they close session before getting to this point, have a schedule periodically delete the pre-orders past a certain date. Some clients actually like to capture what was "pre-ordered" even if the cc was not completed. It's a way to track what gets viewed on a cart-type site.

That’s what I used to do, but went to this method so that I wasn’t creating records for orphaned registrations. Then, when we started seeing these anomalies (3 out of 100, if I had to guess—still far too many), I added a test DB and a 2nd WRITE function so that I could write after each form submission, so that we’d have a trail and hopefully get an indication of where it’s breaking down.

My next move is going to be to use the test DB to write to, then retrieve it at the end and transfer it to the actual database, circumventing session variables… but this shouldn’t be necessary, and that’s what is so disturbing.


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