[FX.php List] Works in FX.php v4.2, breaks in v6

LELAND LONG lelandlong at me.com
Mon Dec 16 11:21:11 MST 2013

Quick question hopefully someone can point out to me.

I've been using FX for many years now. When something works I don't mess with it. When I need to build a new set of webpages I usually copy over to the new site, pages from my last working site, and start tweaking; saves lot's of re-setting of everything up.

I say this to maybe illuminate why I have run into this problem.

I copy the new FX.php v6 library to a new website and start using my old code and things break.
Here's a basic example of the old code that works fine in v4.2:

   $newSheet=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);
   $newSheet->SetDBData('Recruiting.fmp12', 'FX_NewRecuit');
   $newSheet->AddDBParam('Name_First', $firstName);
   $newSheet->AddDBParam('Name_Last', $lastName);
   $newSheet->AddDBParam('-script', 'FX_NewApplicantScript');

   if ($theError <> 0) { echo 'Error: '.$theError; }

How can I modify this simple setup to make it work in v6 ?

Plz and thank you.

Leland Long

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