[FX.php List] ShoutOut and a big Thank You

LELAND LONG lelandlong at me.com
Mon Dec 16 09:38:57 MST 2013

Wanted to stop and give a shout out to the github user "matsuo" for fixing FX.php on FileMaker Server v13.

We were forced to quickly move to a new FMSv13 server when our hosting provider's v12 Server decided it was time to crash way too many times per week. After a few hours we had all our staff back online and happily entering data into FM when it was discovered that all our FX.php dependent website pages were broken. Several hours of testing and backtracking resulted in a continued mystery with no hope in sight.

Until running across this fix posted on github, that once implemented, resolved all issues and all is well again.


Leland Long
I.T. Director
Keller Interiors, Inc.
lelandlong at kellerinteriors.com

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