[FX.php List] FMS 12 and GetContainerDataURL FYI

Anders Monsen andersm at mac.com
Tue Jul 31 11:14:02 MDT 2012

Hesitant to post about this since it relates to the native API and not 
FX, but we ran into an issue with the new remote containers and PHP 
shortly before DevCon. The images just wouldn't appear using the new 
GetContainerDataURL function in FileMaker 12. The issue might not be a 
widespread one yet, or maybe we just didn't have the right settings to 
begin with.

We discovered two key elements to resolve this issue. Neither were 
obvious to us at first glance, but in case others have run into this 
issue, it appears that XML web publishing needs to be turned on for the 
server, not just PHP, and the fmxml privilege set must be enabled for 
the account connecting to the database. The second issue pertains to the 
hostspec, as defined in FileMaker >> conf >> filemaker-api.php. This has 
http:// in front of, so in our connection setting, instead of 
just we needed to add the http:// and then the images showed up.

The xml issue seemed obvious once we read the url, as this includes 
"/fmi/xml" in the path. Leaving off the fmxml resulted in permission 
issues trying to read the image.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Anders Monsen

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