[FX.php List] Re-FMS12's bug?

Beverly Voth beverlyvoth at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 11:41:51 MDT 2012

Masayuki, there was a long thread on this bug. FX does use the FMPXMLRESULT grammar, but Chris, aka iViking, had asked if we (the community) might like to have access to the other grammar, as well. And FMI has already said there IS a bug fix for FMS12. We just need to wait for one or both of these to happen. :)

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On Jul 8, 2012, at 1:19 PM, Masayuki Nii <msyk at msyk.net> wrote:

> Troy,
> Troy Meyers <tcmeyers at troymeyers.com> さんが、2012/7/8 23:04:54に送られた
>   ---“Re: [FX.php List] FMS12's bug?”によりますと
>> If we had a way to ask FX to request data using the other grammar, FMRESULTSET, then I think FX could deal with the response.
> FX.php's implementation depends on FMPXMLRESULT scheme, and it's not easy task 
> to fit the fmresultset scheme. I mean it's not enough to replace the URL string. 
> It has to process each XML element appropriately. I will report this to FM Inc, 
> but it can not be fixed as far as how previous bugs were handled.
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