[FX.php List] [ANN] New blog: F 'n' web - FileMaker 'n' the web: lessons learned

Joel Shapiro jsfmp at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 7 21:04:35 MDT 2011

Hello all

I'm proud to officially announce my FileMaker & Custom Web Publishing  

F 'n' web - FileMaker 'n' the web: lessons learned


I’ve been developing websites with FileMaker and PHP since 2005 (&  
with CDML long before that). My first PHP sites were built with FX.php  
and now I tend to use the FileMaker API for PHP more often. Over time  
I’ve added more and more tools to my toolkit, especially JavaScript  
(mainly jQuery) and CSS, and I love keeping up on new trends in web  
design and development.  I've learned some interesting things along  
the way and wanted to share them.

The blog actually launched two months ago, but so far I've only  
announced it on twitter and at the CWP User Group meeting at DevCon  
2011.  I've recently posted my demos from the User Group as requested,  
and now I'm releasing them all to the world.

I'll continue to tweet about new posts (follow me @jsfmp) or you can  
subscribe to my rss feed.

Here's what I've got up so far:

Responsive Web Design, and possibilities for data-heavy sites

Make your AJAX calls friendlier with the jQuery BlockUI Plugin

Creating relationships on the fly in one FileMaker PHP query

Quick ’n’ easy UI improvements - Part 2 (Buttons & Drop-downs)

Quick ’n’ easy UI improvements - Part 1 (Checkboxes & Radio buttons)

Showin’ some TextMate love (a code-completion video)

jQuery Date Validation (valid dates that are really valid dates)

Edit multiple FileMaker PHP records waaay faster via portal

Or to see just what I presented at the CWP User Group at Devcon:

And plenty more to come...


Joel Shapiro
FileMaker Pro
: database design
: web development

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