[FX.php List] Final button to the DNS saga

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Mon Oct 17 11:59:40 MDT 2011

As you can see from my post, I did get my network switched over.

I tried 10 days ago, as some of you recall; it turned out that I was given the wrong subnet mask, which caused half my servers not to respond. After frantically trying everything I could think of, I put all my servers BACK on the old T1s and got everything working again.

So Friday night I started again; I went into my DNS server, changed all the IP addresses, then changed all the server IPs to the new ones. Most of the machines came up, three did not…

After again trying to figure out what was wrong, I attached a monitor to each *missing* machine, only to see that I had typed in wrong IP addresses on THREE separate machines… uh…

Then I had odd DNS errors all day Saturday.

Sometime yesterday I finally realized that the DNS slave server, which should automatically update when I change settings in the master DNS server, wasn't being updated at all. I poked around until I figured out how to force the slave server to reload, and now both DNS servers are reporting the new IP addresses.

So that explains why, even though I had a 5-minute time-to-live on all the domains, the old IPs were still appearing; as it happens, ns1 (which domains go to first) was the one that was holding onto the old IP addresses. Every now and then, if ns1 was busy or whatever, it'd go to ns2, which had the *new* IPs, and things would work for a moment.

If anyone else uses QuickDNS on Mac machines, I now know a lot more about it than I did 3 days ago… :)

Thanks again for the input from you guys; best,

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