[FX.php List] Curious: include-page naming conventions

Stephen Grant stephen.grant at 724.com.au
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There is no 'standard' as far as naming of php files is concerned when it comes to linear programming as is prevalent with most developers that are starting out. 

an extra dot such as page.inc.php won't cause any issues nor will a prefixed underscore. 

Having said there are frameworks out there that employ standards for file naming, file location and separation of function into traditional MVC Architectures. I'd encourage you to look at those as they not only make application development much faster, they also bring order to chaos :) 


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Hey All 

I've been working a bit in a number of other people's php projects 
lately, and have come across a couple naming conventions for include 
pages that I'd never noticed before: 

page.inc.php & _page.php 

Do people here use these (or other) conventions? Will an extra dot in 
a file name *never* cause problems? 

Other thoughts on the topic? 

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