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Hi Bob

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> Here are my questions: 
> 1. Do I need to set any sort of WRITE privileges on a Windows server in order to be able to write to the folder?

Yes... you will need to give the IIS user account write permissions - usually IIS runs as a user called IUSR_ComputerName where ComputerName is the name of the machine and it's that user which will need to have write permissions on the folder you wish to save data in.

> 2. Does the web server need any specific port in order to allow the public to upload to this folder (this has to be open to the public for uploading)?

No - you're uploading via HTTP so that port's already open to serve your pages...

> 3. On the Mac, I've always specified the exact path to the uploads folder, not just put "uploads/" in there; assuming my upload.php page is in the same directory as the "uploads" folder, is that the right way to do it on the PC, or should I use the explicit directory path?

I have found that on IIS specifying the full path to remove one less thing that might go wrong... if your folder is relative to you file, then I would tend to do something like;
	$saveFolder = dirname(__FILE__).'/uploads/';
since that way you don't have to explicitly set a variable to the path anywhere (in case things get moved round on the sever, but you'll end up using a complete path when you go to save the file.



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