[FX.php List] How to get PCI compliance on a web app

Bob Patin bob at patin.com
Fri Jun 17 17:00:26 MDT 2011

Now that I've been through the process, it turns out that it was fairly simple to get to PCI compliance:

1. I had to get IT to upgrade PHP to at least 5.2.3 (I believe that's the right version);
2. I had to get IT to turn off SSLv2 capability on the web server (not sure how it's done, they're working on that now);
3. I had to wrap all my $_POSTs with htmlspecialchars()
4. Their website programmer had put a phpinfo() page on the site at some point, and that needed to be removed; it's a bad thing to leave on any web server anyway because it gives all sorts of info that hackers would love to have.

That last one was all that I had to do to my web app to get it to pass muster; I don't use $_GETs anywhere except for letting users view a product detail page, so that may have been why it was an easy fix to make.

Much easier than I would have guessed... hope this helps someone along the way sometime.


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