[FX.php List] error 100

Someone someone at gagayaya.com
Wed Mar 24 13:12:29 MDT 2010

A client of mine recently realized that some web users were having  
errors when creating or updating records (error 100 file not found)
Last year they recreated the website and move it to another location.
So we have FMSA 7.03, Windows 2003 on one box and Apache, Linux on  
the other.
Originally it was all on FMSA 7.03, Windows 2003, IIS and no issues  
They have it set up that every 20 minutes (Apache, Linux) an email  
gets send if any errors. Errors are recorded on a text file

I notice that the hourly backups where taking 5 minutes and advised  
them to change to time of the file that was being access for the web
Since files are paused during backups, I was thinking that maybe this  
might generate a 100 error

Any other ideas would greatly be appreciated


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