[FX.php List] Newbie PHP Question about direct link request to DB

Lars Arlér la at mediadesign.dk
Wed Mar 24 01:50:19 MDT 2010

Hi Jonathan...

Very helpful information.
But you have to specify a little more ;-) please

>1) Upon initial record creation, create a
> long random (unique) character string that serves
> to identify that record to the outside world. I
> use 20 digits, upper and lower alpha, set by a
> Custom Function.

Does that mean that I can specify the "FMP recid"
And can/will you share your Custom Function, I haven't
tried to make one yet, is it difficult to make one ??

>3) Upon initial CWP access of the target
> record in question, set the recid into a Session
> variable (not viewable publicly) and use the
> recid later, or

Are we talking PHP or FMP here ??

Thanks again...

I will try to make my first Custom Function now,
and see if I can figure that out.


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