[FX.php List] Where are php sess files stored in OS X?

Leo R. Lundgren leo at finalresort.org
Sat Mar 20 09:36:51 MDT 2010

Check in /var/tmp (which is effectively /private/var/tmp). The files  
should be named sess_*.

20 mar 2010 kl. 16.09 skrev Jonathan Schwartz:

> Hi Folks,
> In working through continued stability issues with an IIS  
> installation, where the newest "smoking gun" is the Garbage  
> Collection system which doesn't appear to work, I decided to go  
> looking on my OS X systems and see hot it worked there.
> I can't find the directory for the PHP session files.  Yes, yes...I  
> know.  I looked at the phpinfo. There is no value for  
> session.saved_path.
> So where are files stored when there is no value?  I 've wondered  
> about this ...literally...for years, but have not had the time to  
> pursue until now.
> Thanks
> Jonathan
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