[FX.php List] Do your Web Publishing Accounts show up in FMS as Clients?

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Mon Jun 14 15:54:39 MDT 2010

Hi folks,

In the FM Serve Console, where you see regular FMP users listed as 
being logged in to hosted FMP files, do you see occurrences of the 
accounts dedicated sole to FM Custom Web publishing?

I do sometimes, and I suspect that it is a sign of trouble.

I am guessing that FMS ignores the split second connects that FM CWP 
usually makes, but when the connection persists (such as when there 
is a slow down or something has hung) they do appear.

So, when I go looking for why FMS is sluggish or stopped, seeing 
multiple occurrences of my dedicated FMP CWP accounts is surely a 
confirmation that something is wrong.

BTW...disconnecting the clients usually frees things up.

Hope that is useful.

Jonathan Schwartz
Exit 445 Group
jonathan at exit445.com

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