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Chris Hansen chris at iViking.org
Sat Jan 24 15:07:39 MST 2009

On the whole, I agree with the points made.  That said, I've yet to  
find a good set of instructions for setting up permissions on that FX  
folder just to get people started.  If the person is uploading to a  
multiuser server, most likely the permissions will already be set  
properly.  In my experience, when a person runs into these problems  
they tend to be setting things up on their personal development  
machine (which likely has a default permission set which does NOT have  
a web server in mind...)  But yes, if you're setting up a server that  
will actually be connected to the internet (or even an intranet) then  
you'd better learn something about permissions -- no simple topic.


On Jan 24, 2009, at 11:24 AM, John May wrote:

> Agreed - giving world permissions of any type on a server is a bad  
> idea.  In a single-user environment, there might be some defense,  
> but definitely not in a multi-user situation.
> 	- John
> Leo R. Lundgren wrote:
>> Chris,
>> I've seen you say that previously as well. But I don't understand  
>> how you can justify that? Of course it's up to you, but I don't see  
>> how you can be content about having your files readable by anyone?
>> Even if you have just one site on one server, there may be a risk  
>> in that if some other service than the www one is compromised, the  
>> attacker can use the compromised account to simply read the files  
>> they want, if you have them o+r. And then they can get into your  
>> database as the next stop along your line of servers :-) This was  
>> just an example regarding the "even if, dedicated server".
>> Kind regards, Leo
>> 24 jan 2009 kl. 18.51 skrev Chris Hansen:
>>> FX.php works with PHP 4 and later.  No special setup really;  
>>> overly restrictive permissions tends to be one of the more common  
>>> problems people have (web server processes on any server run under  
>>> a special user, so I generally give all users read access.)
>>> --Chris
>>> On Jan 23, 2009, at 12:05 PM, Bob Patin wrote:
>>>> I've used PHP 4 for a long time, and now use PHP 5.2.4; don't  
>>>> know about Windows servers though...
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>>>> On Jan 23, 2009, at 12:44 PM, Bentech Forums wrote:
>>>>> I am probably staring right at it but I checked on the http://www.iviking.org/FX.php/ 
>>>>>  web site and in the FX documentation folder but I can not find  
>>>>> any mention of the FX PHP web server requirements.
>>>>> What version of PHP is required and are their any additional PHP  
>>>>> dependencies that need to be enabled when setting up a new  
>>>>> Windows IIS web server?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Steve
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