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david weiner 1265 at lucerneblvd.org
Fri Jan 16 09:41:45 MST 2009

The database I'm working with is for a marketer trying to track  
sentiment about a variety of products in their category over time  
using keywords (descriptors). At first we thought it would be enough  
to do a sparkline chart, much like financial performance over time,  
but what the timecloud graph adds is both a tag cloud for a time  
period and the ability to link from the keywords to a detail view.

I started with just getting jQuery/gChart working and then got at  
least a few of the open flash charts working from a basic filemaker db  
(two tables, one to many relationship, portal) - but this one is more  
complex and to me has potentially greater use because of the way I can  
pull actual data into the timeline as an information source.

While that is kind of specific, I can easily see how this same view of  
data could help a variety of research projects needing a more dynamic  
activity over time view.

As far as all that goes, I think the sample of Delicious data (from  
the code sample) is probably more interesting than the Subversion data  
since it gives both a linked tag cloud and shows a potentially more  
interesting data set to imagine with.

If anyone is interested in helping me out let me know, I'm not the  
most experienced PHP coder by a long shot and would like to see more  
solutions for using FileMaker data out in the world, so I'm more than  
willing to stumble in public but I feel like I'm only going to get so  
far on my own and at least would get it done cleaner with the help of  
more experienced minds.

- David

On Jan 16, 2009, at 5:24 AM, Troy Meyers wrote:

> Tim,
> I have no idea really but I thought maybe it represents posts and  
> contributors to a forum. But I didn't know what Subversion was.  
> While I was trying to understand it, it occurred to me that we might  
> use it (we are in the orchid business, I'm sure you know) to  
> represent what genus (genera) of orchids are in bloom (or  
> separately, has seed harvested) at what time of year. There are a  
> lot of genera, and a chart would be a mess, but this would be a good  
> visualization tool.
> I wonder what David's will look like, what its purpose has.
> -Troy
>> Uh huh, very pretty... but what is it actually representing, if
>> anything?
>> I know Subversion is a versioning system but...
>> I may be missing something?
>> Webko
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