[FX.php List] [OFF] Upgrading to PHP 5 on a Mac OS X Tiger server

Jon & Jane Montgomery vicepresident at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 11:01:56 MST 2009

    Here is the warning note on the Entropy installer page I used when I was
on Tiger:

NOTE: If you have previously enabled Apple¹s PHP module included in Mac OS X
by un-commenting the respective lines in the httpd.conf file, you need to
undo that change before you install this package, otherwise bad things will

Those lines are reference in another post on this thread, the LoadModule

Don't know if this helps but I have been in this situation, but I have slept
since.  I think I had to delete the PHP5 file it created and is referred to
on other posts as well as the download site I used, which is:


Hope this helps.

Jon Montgomery

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On 1/10/09 11:22 AM, "Bob Patin" <bob at patin.com> wrote:

> Dale,
> Well, when I turn off PHP 4, then restart, PHP 5 doesn't start up.
> Yes, I used the Entropy installer... last time I did this I think it
> was just a matter of running the installer and turning off PHP 4...
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> On Jan 10, 2009, at 11:14 AM, Dale Bengston wrote:
>> So, PHP 4 is still running, after you installed PHP 5? Did you use
>> Entropy's PHP 5 installer? If so, it puts lines  in your httpd.conf
>> file as part of the install process. They should be all the way at
>> the end of httpd.conf.
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