[FX.php List] Re: Re: Redirect in Body for Bob (Bob Patin)

Kevin Becker kbecker at treca.org
Wed Apr 29 11:26:15 MDT 2009

Makes sense I guess.  Since the image has to actually LOAD for the onload=""
to work  :-)

On 4/29/09 1:20 PM, "fx.php_list-request at mail.iviking.org"
<fx.php_list-request at mail.iviking.org> wrote:

> Success!
> Here's what it was: until I referenced an existing graphics file, it
> didn't work; then, when I replaced "redirect.gif" with a blank
> "spacer.gif" that I had, it immediately worked.
> So because the graphics link was broken, it wouldn't fire the FUNCTION.
> Thanks for your help Kevin; neat little trick!
> Best,
> Bob Patin

Kevin Becker
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