[FX.php List] [OFF] levenshtein and related methods for user helper

Dale Bengston dbengston at tds.net
Wed Apr 22 15:05:24 MDT 2009

Yes, my ISP recently partnered with Google for email hosting. I guess  
it's a good thing, but it feels like I'm paying for GMail now.

Thanks for the tip, David!

On Apr 22, 2009, at 2:10 PM, david weiner wrote:

> Hi Dale,
> I'm guessing you are using Google Apps for domains for your mail  
> (from looking at your mail headers it appears that way) - if you  
> look at the web interface you'll see your message is being tagged as  
> Sent and it's in your inbox, this is what suppresses you from  
> getting it in your email application.
> I've taken the option of getting a post acknowledgement as a  
> workaround, but I think it's kind of a bug if not a quirk with the  
> way google has implemented mail threads.
> hth,
> david
> On Apr 22, 2009, at 11:49 AM, Dale Bengston wrote:
>> PS I don't seem to be getting my own posts any more. Am I banned?  
>> Did my presets change? Are you receiving me, list?
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