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Tim 'Webko' Booth tim at nicheit.com.au
Tue Apr 21 10:14:14 MDT 2009

On 22/04/2009, at 1:58 AM, Earl Cook wrote:

> Thanks again everyone. I’ve left the API intact and my FX solution  
> is working! Like you said many moons ago, Michael, just pull the FX  
> folder over. Michael Layne has been a huge help to me in all of  
> this. This time, I didn’t want to bug him again with a question  
> (especially since he answered me a long time ago and I had forgotten  
> what his reply was). : (
> This is a three-month project that got spread over six years. I  
> would get deep into PHP and FX and make progress then get called  
> away. This time, I picked back up where I left off last Spring. I  
> didn’t want to crash my server in any way so was being cautious.
> Thanks again everyone for your replies and assistance.
> Hope to report some day that your help allowed us to make  
> significant progress in the world of healthcare.

Umm, yes, one might wonder why you don't outsource on something that  
is apparently not your prime area of expertise but I like playing with  
new thigns as well, so am hardly in a position to ask at all ;-)



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