[FX.php List] It Works!

Earl Cook ecook at lasersol.com
Tue Apr 21 09:58:48 MDT 2009

Thanks again everyone. I¹ve left the API intact and my FX solution is
working! Like you said many moons ago, Michael, just pull the FX folder
over. Michael Layne has been a huge help to me in all of this. This time, I
didn¹t want to bug him again with a question (especially since he answered
me a long time ago and I had forgotten what his reply was). : (

This is a three-month project that got spread over six years. I would get
deep into PHP and FX and make progress then get called away. This time, I
picked back up where I left off last Spring. I didn¹t want to crash my
server in any way so was being cautious.

Thanks again everyone for your replies and assistance.

Hope to report some day that your help allowed us to make significant
progress in the world of healthcare.


Earl Cook
Laser Solutions, Inc.
9401 Roberts Dr. 7-F
Atlanta, GA 30350
Technical and Creative Solutions since 1986
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