[FX.php List] FX and PHP API

Dale Bengston dbengston at tds.net
Tue Apr 21 09:47:18 MDT 2009

Agreed. I have my own code framework. I can literally toggle a data  
source by changing one configuration variable.


On Apr 21, 2009, at 8:49 AM, Tim 'Webko' Booth wrote:

>> the same code framework.
> There's my magic phrase at the moment - I'm leaning towards Cake and  
> am hoping my testing will find that FX at Cake get along well. I'm  
> tired of writing effectively the same code for different apps.  
> Unfortunately, some of what I get are heritage systems, so I'm also  
> hoping it will cope with different field names that do the same  
> same...
> Ah well...
> Some random late night thoughts from .au
> Cheers
> Webko
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