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Regarding running them both at the same time/on the same server, that  
is absolutely no problem. The important thing to understand is that FX  
and FM PHP API are both nothing than simple PHP code libraries, i.e.  
just PHP code that you include with the rest of your code, i.e.  
technically equivalent to the very PHP code you write yourself. The  
only difference is their functionality, which is to communicate plain  
text with the FM server, and compile and parse said text. There is no  
magic to any of them.

So yes, you can have both FX and FM PHP API in the very same solution/ 
site, even use them for different parts of the same database, at the  
same time. It's not like you will do that, but for the same of  

Pros/cons for the two I'll leave for the other guys to inform you  
about, I believe they've used them both more than I have :)


21 apr 2009 kl. 13.43 skrev Earl Cook:

> Hello,
> Over a several year period, I (with the help of Michael Layne)  
> developed a FX-PHP-based solution. It is functioning properly but I  
> wish to move it to another server and now attempting to set an  
> immediate and long-range strategy. The solution was developed in FX  
> version 4. I have a Mac Xserve running OS X 10.4.11 with FileMaker  
> Server Advanced 10 and PHP is functional but FX is not.
> Ideally, I would like to run FX AND the FM PHP API. Now that the API  
> is running, can I also run FX or is it either one or the other? If  
> it is only one, what is the procedure for disabling the API and  
> installing FX? Now that both have been around for awhile, are there  
> advantages and disadvantages to running one over the other?
> I wish to say that I really appreciate Chris’ efforts in being the  
> visionary and the one to give us FX. Thanks, Chris!
> Earl
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