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Earl Cook ecook at lasersol.com
Tue Apr 21 07:12:26 MDT 2009

Thanks everyone for your replies. I knew that FX was using the XML interface
but did not know if there were any known conflicts keeping both enabled.

The FX syntax is the one I have worked with the most and I agree that the
API syntax looks very CDML-like to me. FileMaker seems to have done a good
job of creating tutorials, examples, documentation and automated creation of
code and all of that looks inviting.

Thanks again for your replies and assistance.


on 4/21/09 8:05 AM, Tim 'Webko' Booth at tim at nicheit.com.au wrote:

> Dear Earl,
>>  Over a several year period, I (with the help of Michael Layne) developed a
>> FX-PHP-based solution. It is functioning properly but I wish to move it to
>> another server and now attempting to set an immediate and long-range
>> strategy. The solution was developed in FX version 4. I have a Mac Xserve
>> running OS X 10.4.11 with FileMaker Server Advanced 10 and PHP is functional
>> but FX is not.
>>  Ideally, I would like to run FX AND the FM PHP API. Now that the API is
>> running, can I also run FX or is it either one or the other? If it is only
>> one, what is the procedure for disabling the API and installing FX? Now that
>> both have been around for awhile, are there advantages and disadvantages to
>> running one over the other?
> They actually address a FM database through totally different methods so both
> can be run. 
> One uses the XML interface (thus the FX) and the other the PHP interface (PHP
> API).
> Even if they used the same it wouldn;t matter - a given request would be made
> using one class or the other class and they shouldn;t clash anyway.
> I have to say, and it's in some ways a personal preference, that I like the FX
> class better than the PHP API (perhaps if they hadn't tried to give the
> semi-CDML feel to it?)
> And you don't need to enable/disable either really - if you have the FX class
> available then you can use it or the other way around.
> Cheers
> Webko
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