[FX.php List] [OFF] Potential gotchas with uploading files?

Joel Shapiro jsfmp at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 2 20:15:17 MDT 2009

Hi all

I'm looking for thoughts on how complicated an upload-file site can be.

I've got a potential new project that would involve people uploading  
files via the Web and then having those files accessible to FMP  
clients.  I haven't worked with uploading before, but I've  
successfully put together the basics of uploading files and moving  
them to a specified directory.  In my brief experimenting, though,  
I've already seen issues with access privileges of the uploaded files  
(on my development machine) and UPLOAD_ERR_NO_TMP_DIR errors on my  
regular web host.  I'm also aware that there are security concerns  
when uploading files to a server, and know that servers and php can  
be configured quite differently in different machines and  
environments (it's not yet determined if the site will be hosted  
internally or through an external FM host).  FWIW - I'd probably  
leave files in their directory(ies) on the web server and have the  
FMP clients get to them via their network paths, so I'm not very  
concerned about that part of it.

For those that have worked with this, what kinds of problems can  
should I be ready for?  Could this be a big headache?


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